Thursday, January 21, 2010


well its been a long long time since i entered my blog hi hi but i'm back. My Umi passed away on 15th Dec 2009 when i was 40years n 16 days old. I know that i had minute differences with her but now that she gone i felt a piece of me had gone too. The things she did around my house whenever she's around the garden behind my house which she will tend, mend the clothes that were torn, cook my children's favourite roti canai etc. it feeels as though she is still around.
we both recuperated at home when she had masectomy of her right breast n i amputated my right toes. JUst imagine the sick looking after the sick. I saw her cope with nausea caused by her chemo, her lost of hair n the..spouting of new ones. i was so positive that she will be here longer with us..but who am i Allah loves her more.

However i am very thankful to Allah that she was not bedridden for long before she passed on.For the guilt that i would have felt for not being able to look after her would be very heart breaking indeed on my part. Umi how i wished that i could pick up the phone n call u and u could call n talk just like before....

how i miss the "berletiaq" that i used to dread hearing...... all those memories that we shred will remainas bits and pieces that makes up my life

Umi, i love u and m,iss you so very much