Saturday, December 18, 2010

i don't know why i felt like starting a new blog todayAdd Image sharing bits n pieces of everything. i had actually started one while i was in the hospital but being stopped half way ....n now felt like making another one or those who happened to stumble here you r all most welcome n for those who tried their very best to find me i
am most gracious for your efforts hihi. So wh
ere shall we begin i believe lets start with my family.These are the men in my life Mr Rosman Ismail( my darling hubby)Muhd Nuaim Muqri (my 1st boy n 3rd child) & Muhd Nufail Arif (My 2nd boy n the 4th child ....the last)
n theseeeeeee are my girls Anis Syafiqa ( the eldest ) n Alia Batrisyia( 2nd girl)
n wearyyyyyyyyy looking mee

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